What’s new in teaching Europe’s past?

What’s new in teaching Europe’s past? | INFBusiness.com

History is more than just a set of dates or kings and queens to memorise. And while history teaching is unique in shaping national identity and memory, there is invariably more than one interpretation of facts and historical events.

How can history education practitioners learn from each other about the teaching of history?

This event report covers the first edition of the “European Innovation Days in History Education”, which brought together teachers, researchers, museologists, and students  to exchange on the latest practices and research in history education.

  • Post-conflict teaching vital to reconciliation, say education experts

    News | Politics 13-03-2023

    Innovative teaching and cross-border projects are key to going beyond a purely national version of history and will be vital to post-conflict teaching and reconciliation following the war in Ukraine, say European education experts. 

Source: euractiv.com

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