Slovak minister says ‘neutral’ Hungary also trains Ukrainian soldiers

Slovak minister says ‘neutral’ Hungary also trains Ukrainian soldiers |

Hungary is also training Ukrainian soldiers, said Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad’ on Monday, debunking the neutral approach to Russia’s war Viktor Orban’s government has asserted so far.

Nad’ spoke to Foreign Minister Rastislav Káčer about the war in Ukraine at an event that was also attended by a pro-Russian group, whose members shouted loudly in the room in an attempt to hinder the two ministers’ conversation, Telex reports.

In response to one of the attendees shouting that Hungary, as a neighbouring country, is not supporting Ukraine, Nad’ said: “The fact that you don’t know about this and that there is propaganda being spread about them not helping is one thing. But did you know that Ukrainian soldiers are being trained on their territory [Hungary]?”, Nad’ replied.

His comments have created a storm in Hungary as the government has continuously asserted its neutral stance towards the conflict, saying it must not get involved.

Asked by Telex, the Hungarian Defence Ministry acknowledged that the Hungarian army is involved in training Ukrainian military medical specialists for humanitarian purposes and that wounded Ukrainian soldiers have been treated in Hungary.

“Hungary’s position has not changed: we are on the side of peace, and we do not support any steps that lead to an escalation of the war – it is for this reason that we are not sending weapons or soldiers to Ukraine,” the ministry added.

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