Slovak crowdfunding campaign funds demining machine for Ukraine

Slovak crowdfunding campaign funds demining machine for Ukraine |

The crowdfunding campaign for a Božena 5 demining machine set a new record in the Slovak crowdfunding landscape, running for136 days, symbolically starting on 8 May in commemoration of the victory over fascism and raising over €650,000.

The initiative, known as “A Gift for Putin”, is a civic call to action initiated by Czech entrepreneur and philanthropist Dalibor Dědek. In Slovakia, the campaign is conducted in collaboration with the Peace for Ukraine initiative and other partners. On the Ukrainian front, their efforts are aligned with Vlado Sokolov, the commander of EOD firefighters responsible for neutralising explosive munitions, who oversees demining operations in Ukraine.

“Crowdfunding records were rewritten with €650,000. That’s exactly how much the Božena 5 mine clearance campaign garnered here at Donio Slovakia. It has now become the absolute record holder in product crowdfunding in Slovakia,” says Ivan Zaťko, country manager of Donio, the crowdfunding platform on which the campaign took place.

The decision to launch a fundraising campaign to purchase the Božena 5 demining machine was prompted by concerns about the impact of the war in Ukraine on its citizens, extending beyond combat zones to areas already liberated.

As a result of Russian aggression, 40% of Ukraine’s land area, more than 250,000 square kilometres, is affected by landmines- areas that cause material damage and pose a significant threat to the lives of the local population.

Božena is expected to be produced by December, but its delivery arrangements are being arranged. The demining device will be delivered to Ukraine with a specialised cargo vehicle.

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Slovak crowdfunding campaign funds demining machine for Ukraine |

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