Romanian social democrats, liberals to have joint list at EU elections

Romanian social democrats, liberals to have joint list at EU elections |

The PSD and the PNL have agreed to merge the European elections with the local elections and to present joint candidates for the EU Parliament to ensure the largest possible turnout of citizens to vote.

Following months of negotiations, the social democrats and the liberals have decided to merge the European parliamentary elections and the local elections in June 2024 to ensure “the largest possible turnout of citizens to vote”, PNL leader Nicolae Ciucă said.

Another reason is to mitigate the risk of extremist movements gaining ground. The decision will ensure “political stability, the coherence of the governing act and the avoidance of a situation of collapse in the conditions where there is a conflict on Romania’s border”, Ciucă explained.

For the local elections, strategic alliances may be forged in specific regions and cities.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu has proposed that the European Parliament list be headed by a woman who is not a member of the PSD or PNL.

When questioned whether this candidate could potentially be Luminiţa Odobescu, the foreign minister, Ciolacu, declined to provide a direct response.

Political sources said that the social democrats are inclined towards appointing a “technocrat” with left views.

Presidential elections could be held in September, followed by parliamentary elections in November or December.

The vice president of the REPER party, MP Oana Cambera, has expressed concern about the possibility of extremist factions gaining traction due to this electoral decision.

“To merge elections is a bad idea that will cost us all. Instead of taking us away from the extremist danger, it will take us closer to the edge of the abyss,” she said.

(Cătălina Mihai, Sebastian Rotaru |

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Romanian social democrats, liberals to have joint list at EU elections |

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