Poles doubt PiS will stay in power: poll

Poles doubt PiS will stay in power: poll | INFBusiness.com

Most Poles do not believe that the ruling PiS’ party will succeed in forming a new government despite winning the elections and the president’s nomination, according to a poll published by Wirtualna Polska on Wednesday.

While most PiS politicians, even those most optimistic, are silent on the topic, as much as 73% of Poles believe Morawiecki’s efforts to be doomed to failure, according to the newest poll created by United Surveys.

Although the ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party won the October elections, it failed to gain enough mandates to secure a parliamentary majority, as opposed to the opposition three-bloc alliance led by Donald Tusk.

Still, it was PiS’ Morawiecki that President Andrzej Duda appointed as the new prime minister. This sparked accusations towards Duda, an ex-PiS politician, of staying loyal to his former political camp in the hope of some prominent partisan post after finishing his presidency.

As PiS lacks the necessary majority and for now finds it hard to convince any of the bigger parliamentary parties to join a coalition, and the time for composing the government is slowly coming to an end, it becomes less and less likely that PiS will manage a third consecutive term.

Only 17% of the survey’s respondents said they thought Morawiecki would succeed in forming a government, and 10% had no clear opinion.

PiS’ voters proved the most convinced about the incumbent prime minister’s success, with half of them still believing in Morawiecki’s new government.

If Morawiecki’s proposed cabinet fails to win a vote of confidence from the parliament, it will then be parliament that elects a new prime minister.

In such a situation, the government will most likely be formed by a Tusk-led wide coalition consisting of three blocs: Tusk’s centre-liberal Civic Coalition (KO, EPP/Greens), centrist Third Road (Renew/EPP) and the Left (S&D).

Among KO’s electorate, as much as 97% of respondents believe Morawiecki will fail to stay in power. For the voters of the Third Road, the share is 93%.

Meanwhile, the PiS government is to gather for the last time in the prime minister’s office on Thursday, as reported by Wirtualna Polska.

The meeting will serve as taking last pictures together and a farewell, the outlet cites its sources within PiS, suggesting that even the party members believe the party will be forced to give up power.

Morawiecki will announce the composition of his temporary minority government on Monday.

(Aleksandra Krzysztoszek | Euractiv.pl)

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Poles doubt PiS will stay in power: poll | INFBusiness.com

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