Planet’s sustainability becoming less important to Romanians: study

Planet’s sustainability becoming less important to Romanians: study |

Following this year’s continued cost-of-living crisis and rising inflation levels, Romanians are showing less concern about sustainability, a barometer published by Reveal Marketing Research reads.

According to the study, sustainability was viewed as significant by only 36% of Romanians in 2023, which, compared to 2022, is a 27% decline.

The authors attribute this waning interest to the dominance of economic and social issues over the past year, diverting attention from sustainability-related issues.

But while many Romanians (85%) have expressed interest in the subject, their approach tends to be more passive.

In terms of actions, for instance, the survey points to 48% of Romanians occasionally participating in sustainable activities, mainly by sorting out their waste, while only 15% actively engage in various sustainable practices.

Consuming more sustainably is something more Romanians think about, with 57% of those surveyed stating that they occasionally think about sustainability but have not yet incorporated it into their consumption habits.

But sustainable behaviour and consumption is something that 28% of respondents think about constantly. This proactive attitude is more common among women (35% compared to 20% of men) and retired people (43%).

“Consumers express support for sustainability, but their level of active involvement is insufficient, resulting in a reluctance to change their daily behaviour,” notes Marius Luican, CEO of Reveal Marketing Research.

He attributes this discrepancy to “recent socio-economic events, including economic instability and job worries, which are causing Romanians to prioritise immediate needs over longer-term issues such as sustainability”.

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Planet’s sustainability becoming less important to Romanians: study |

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