Number of women top officials in Austria dropped in 2022

Number of women top officials in Austria dropped in 2022 |

The proportion of women in Austria’s government, the National Council and provincial governments decreased considerably between 2021 and 2022, the Institute for Parliamentarism and Democracy has found.

From 2021 to 2022, Austria saw women’s representation in top political positions dropping significantly, while increases, albeit sometimes from a low level, were recorded in other EU, the Institute found.

Indeed, “2022 was not a jubilant year for women in Austria’s top politics,” it said, APA reported.

Among government ministers, the share of women went from 46.7% in 2021 to 35.7% in 2022 following a series of government reshuffles that have resulted in eight of the 18 government members now being female.

The same trend applies to the National Council and the provincial governments.

More generally, the number of women in top political positions increased across the EU, albeit starting with low numbers. For example, four of the 21 elected heads of state are now female, while the number of women heads of government went from five to six.

Leading the pack from quite a distance are Spain (60%), Finland (57.9%), Belgium (53.3%), France (50%) and the Netherlands (50%), with quotas above 50%.

In the EU institutions, the number of women has decreased slightly, although the European Commission and the European Parliament are currently headed by women.

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