Moscow slams Polish General’s call to back potential mass rebellion in Belarus

Moscow slams Polish General’s call to back potential mass rebellion in Belarus |

Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak’s statement calling on Poland to support a possible mass rebellion in Belarus interferes with the internal affairs of other countries, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Read more here.

Speaking to Polsat News on Tuesday, Skrzypczak, a former Polish Land Forces Commander, said Poland must be ready to support the likely uprising against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

“The Polish leadership is now literally gripped by a Russophobic hysteria, and we see that this country, which is hostile to us, openly talks about its intention to interfere, including through force, in the internal affairs of a neighbouring country,” Peskov told the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin programme of the state-run Russia-1 TV station.

Russia stands by its commitment to defend Belarus as an ally and will take action to comply, the spokesman added, calling Belarus Russia’s “partner, ally and a brotherly country,” as quoted by TASS state news agency.

Relations between Warsaw and Moscow recently turned icy after a series of spats between the two nations, starting with Poland’s decision to seize the building of a former school in Warsaw that Moscow said belonged to the Russian embassy.

Later, on 9 May, Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev was unable to lay a wreath at the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw to commemorate Victory Day, to which the Russian Foreign Ministry responded with a complaint for unfriendly behaviour by Poland.

More recently, Poland angered Russia as it reinstated Kaliningrad’s old name, Królewiec, with Peskov saying the decision was “verging on madness.”

According to Poland and the European Union, Belarus engineered the sharp migration increase Poland faced from the autumn of 2021, with thousands of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa attempting to enter the country.

Skrzypczak said a potential uprising in Belarus might start from similar operations to those by Russians in Belgorod. He added that they would gain support from society, and Poland should not miss the momentum to support Belarusians.

In such circumstances, Lukashenko could hardly count on Moscow’s help.

“Russia has its own problems,” he insisted. (Aleksandra Krzysztoszek |

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Moscow slams Polish General’s call to back potential mass rebellion in Belarus |

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