Germany pursues tougher stance on EU asylum reform

Germany pursues tougher stance on EU asylum reform |

The German government will take a more restrictive position in the upcoming negotiations on revamping the EU asylum system and will accept the controversial accelerated asylum procedures.

While Germany has taken a refugee-friendly position within the EU so far, with Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stating earlier this month that there “can be no maximum limits to humanity,” the government will now take a tougher approach in upcoming EU asylum negotiations.

On the accelerated asylum procedures that would allow the keeping of asylum seekers in transit zones and lead to easier and faster repatriation of rejected applicants, the government will agree.

Experts have already criticised the provision, saying it lacks proportionality and that detaining migrants this way would violate international human rights.

At the same time, Germany will push for some changes that will water down the Commission’s initial proposal.

The European Commission plans to apply the accelerated border procedure to migrants from countries with a recognition rate of less than 20%. However, Germany will propose a rate of less than 15%, according to information obtained by FAZ.

The government also proposes that families with children below 18 undergo the regular procedure, while the Commission draws the line at 12 years.

The European Commission proposed the so-called EU Migration Pact in 2020 to revamp the EU’s asylum rules, though heavy criticism has come from different sides of the political spectrum, both for its concepts of mandatory solidarity and for the accelerated asylum procedures.

While negotiations on the file have long been stalled, they have recently gathered traction again, with EU ministers expected to find a common position in June.

Negotiations with the European Parliament and the European Commission are expected to be concluded in February or March 2024.

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Germany pursues tougher stance on EU asylum reform |

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