German MP: We need to reopen debate on nuclear deterrence

German MP: We need to reopen debate on nuclear deterrence |

The debate on nuclear deterrence needs reopening while reliance on allies is key, German MP Thomas Silbehorn (CSU, EPP) told in an interview.

According to Silberhorn, only the United States or an alliance of liberal democracies led by the US can balance the nuclear arsenal of Russia and other nuclear powers.

“Facing Russian threats, we need to reopen the debate on nuclear deterrence. In this respect, the US will remain relevant for Europe and the entire democratic world,” Silberhorn, who serves as CSU spokesperson for transatlantic relations, said.

Speaking about European security, Silberhorn also highlighted another lesson to be learnt from the war in Ukraine.

“First, our working mode has to be changed. In Germany, but maybe in other European countries too. We are used to working very precisely, carefully – and often too slowly,” Silbehorn warned.

According to the German MP, the institutional framework and administrative procedures grew in times of peace and must now be adapted to quick analysis and quick decision-making in times of crisis.

“We must better prepare for crisis management in our military and civilian administration,” he warned.

Silberhorn also praised Ukraine for finding a whole society approach to organise its defence against the Russian aggressor and commented on NATO accession, saying it is “the best possible security guarantee” for Ukraine even though such admission would only be possible after the war ends, he added.

“NATO membership would be the best way for Ukraine to keep its territorial integrity. But it requires the readiness of all NATO member countries to contribute to Ukrainian defence in future with their soldiers. This can only be decided after the end of this war,” Silberhorn said.

According to him, security guarantees are a precondition for the reconstruction of Ukraine. “Otherwise, no private investment will be possible,” he added.

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German MP: We need to reopen debate on nuclear deterrence |

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