Czech-led coalition of eight countries opposes Euro 7 car emissions standards

Czech-led coalition of eight countries opposes Euro 7 car emissions standards |

A coalition of eight countries, led by Czechia, has come together to voice criticism against the proposed Euro 7 car emission standards.

According to the European Commission, the Euro 7 standards rules bring emission limits for all motor vehicles, i.e., cars, vans, buses and lorries under a single set of rules. The new rules are fuel- and technology-neutral, placing the same limits regardless of whether the vehicle uses petrol, diesel, electric drive-trains or alternative fuels.

Czechia, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia have signed a non-paper, which has been sent to the Swedish presidency of the EU Council and the European Commission.

They accuse the European Commission of burdening European carmakers with additional obligations that go beyond previously agreed emission limits and the transition to electromobility.

Despite its prior criticism of the Euro 7 norm, Germany has decided not to join the coalition. Germany’s absence could be attributed to internal political reasons, according to Hospodářské noviny.

“We were the first to clearly describe last year how Euro 7 is a flawed standard. Since then, we have organised other countries to support our position, and we have succeeded,” Czech Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS, ECR) told Hospodářské noviny.

“We have built a strong alliance for a more sensible form of Euro 7. I believe the current eight states will be joined by others and that there will be more than ten,” he added.

The coalition opposing Euro 7 views the proposed emission limits as unrealistic, especially considering the EU’s earlier commitment to phase out internal combustion engines after 2035.

“We oppose any new exhaust emission requirements for cars and vans as they would divert sector investment away from the recently agreed path to zero CO2 emissions from cars,” the letter stated.

The coalition has identified seven specific areas where they believe changes are necessary.

Chief among them is the request for a postponement in the applicability of the proposed rules.

While the proposal indicates that the new emissions standard for cars would take effect in July 2025 and July 2027 for trucks, the coalition is advocating for an extension of at least three years for cars and five for trucks.

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Czech-led coalition of eight countries opposes Euro 7 car emissions standards |

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