Czech COVID misinformant sentenced after supporters storm court

Czech COVID misinformant sentenced after supporters storm court |

Former journalist Jana Peterková received a two-year suspended sentence from the Prague City Court for spreading alarmist news during the pandemic, despite her supporters storming the courtroom.

Dozens of supporters came to support Peterková in the court hearing, breaking down the courtroom door and chanting slogans about the fascist state. In response, the Czech police detained two people who were later released. One of the court members was taken to hospital.

“We are continuing to investigate the entire incident and determine whether further violations occurred,” Prague police spokesman Jan Rybanský told the Czech News Agency.

Peterková claims that NATO troops will occupy the Czech Republic and the soldiers would shoot anyone who refused to be taken for a coronavirus vaccination.

Peterková, a 47-year-old former reporter for TV Nova, has spoken in videos on social media about the drastic investigation and treatment of children in hospitals and alleged forced COVID-19 vaccinations.

Adam Wenig, a spokesman for the Prague City Court, said that the incident could be classified as a crime of disorderly conduct, contempt of court or, in extreme cases, violence against an official.

Czech Justice Minister Pavel Blažek condemned the behaviour of those involved in the incident. He also announced that the incident would be addressed by the government meeting on Wednesday, and measures to prevent a recurrence of similar situations would be considered.

However, this is not the first time similar disturbances have occurred at the Prague City Court due to disinformers, albeit without police intervention.

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Czech COVID misinformant sentenced after supporters storm court |

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