Slovenia to exclude foreign cash from mega rail project, snubs Hungary

Slovenia to exclude foreign cash from mega rail project, snubs Hungary |

Foreign investors will be barred from participating in the €1 billion-plus project to build a new rail track to Slovenia’s sole seaport, according to a bill proposed by the Infrastructure Ministry, effectively slashing the idea of involving Hungary in the project.

In 2018, a law on the construction of the new rail track between the Port of Koper on the Adriatic coast and the inland hub Divača came into force and created the state-owned company 2TDK to manage the project and operate the track.

The same law stated that foreign partners could acquire a minority stake in 2TDK, but this needed an intergovernmental agreement.

On Monday, the Infrastructure Ministry confirmed that “the current government considers the railway to be one of the most important infrastructure systems, one that must not end up in foreign hands.”

Hungary, a major client for the port, was the most likely potential partner and documents revealed in 2021 showed Hungary would become a partner in 2TDK via a €200 million capital injection. In return, the Slovenian government would help it obtain land close to the port.

The idea sparked controversy at the time, particularly on the left, as some feared Hungary might get privileged access to strategic infrastructure currently operated by a majority state-owned port operator, Luka Koper.

The ministry expects the amended law to be passed by the end of the year.

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