Romanian PM confident Russia won’t attack his country

Romanian PM confident Russia won’t attack his country |

Russia has not launched any deliberate attacks on Romania and will not do so in the future, Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said on Saturday, after residents of Tulcea, which borders Ukraine, received warnings of possible objects descending from the skies.

The residents of Tulcea received three RO-ALERT warnings about the likelihood of flying objects. They were advised to take the necessary protective measures and to seek shelter if necessary during the night from Friday to Saturday, the first case of such warnings this year, according to the Delta Emergency Situations Inspectorate.

“The Russian Federation has not initiated any deliberate aggression against Romania, and I assert with confidence that it will not, as it lacks justification”, Ciolacu said, stressing the importance of disseminating warnings to keep citizens informed.

“It is a form of respect that the state must show to its population by ensuring they are informed, notwithstanding any inconvenience it may cause”, he said.

The Romanian Defence Ministry confirmed that the Army’s radar surveillance system detected ”no unauthorised intrusions” into the national airspace, and there were no reports of accidental drone debris drops.

F-16 planes from the Turkish Air Force’s 86th Air Base in Fetești were dispatched around 1 am in the early morning to conduct reconnaissance missions of national airspace.

Despite former US President Donald Trump’s unsettling remarks about NATO, Ciolacu stressed that Romania has never been more militarily secure than before.

“I, as a citizen, especially after the Revolution, want to be informed and know the truth. But the prime minister added that Romania is not in danger of going to war”.

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Romanian PM confident Russia won’t attack his country |

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