Italians increasingly sceptical of EU’s positive role in Ukraine war

Italians increasingly sceptical of EU’s positive role in Ukraine war |

Italians are among the most sceptical and disillusioned Europeans about the future of Ukraine, and, above all, they do not believe that the EU has played a positive role in the conflict, according to a survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations.

According to the poll, 40% of Italians believe that the EU has played a ‘negative role’, compared to only 21% who think it has done well. This makes Italy one of the most Eurosceptic countries on the continent, along with Greece, Austria, France and Hungary.

If Donald Trump returns to the White House and is likely to cut off Washington’s aid to Kyiv, only 11% of Italians think Europe should increase its support for Ukraine to enable it to defend itself against Russian aggression. On the contrary, 38% think it should follow the US in limiting support for Kyiv.

Data that could guide the political parties in the run-up to the European elections in June but which do not seem to be having any effect at the moment. The government of Giorgia Meloni has repeatedly reiterated its full support for Ukraine “for as long as necessary” for a “just peace”.

And Italy, which has held the G7 presidency since January, is leaning towards stricter sanctions against Russia. On the occasion of the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine, the G7 will meet for the first time on Saturday to talk mainly about Kyiv but also crises in the Middle East and the Red Sea.

At the end of the summit, a joint declaration will be issued to counter the “false narrative that the West is tired” of the effects of the conflict.

A tightening of the sanctions regime will also be discussed, particularly to try to cut off financial flows to Russia and energy supplies to third countries. (Federica Pascale |

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Italians increasingly sceptical of EU’s positive role in Ukraine war |

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