Belgium doubles forced deportations in first quarter of 2023

Belgium doubles forced deportations in first quarter of 2023 |

Around 959 people who were staying illegally in Belgium were deported over the first three months of this year in comparison to the 502 people who were deported over the same period last year.

“Those who have no right to asylum or are in unlawful residence cannot stay in our country. We are committed to returning voluntarily, if possible, and with individual counselling. But if there is no willingness to cooperate, we engage in forced returns,” State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor (Christian Democratic and Flemish/ EPP) announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The State Secretary also indicated that she is currently “strengthening the legal framework” and “working on better agreements” with the countries of origin of migrants, a crucial element in increasing the number of returnees.

With the new migration deal presented in March, Belgium hopes to solve the asylum crisis, notably by freeing up space in asylum centres and tackling the issue of unsuccessful applicants.

It was announced that people who have to return to their home country — if possible, voluntarily — will no longer simply be given the order to leave the territory but will be monitored. If they refuse to leave, they are to be escorted out.

The government announced last month that more staff would be recruited to make such monitoring possible.

“Besides the police, Frontex staff and staff from the Foreigners Office trained to do so will also be able to participate, always under the supervision of a police officer”, de Moor said in her press release.

The new migration deal also provides for new reception places for migrants, but as Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced during a press conference last month, Belgium will not “continue to create reception places”, and only “those entitled to reception will get it”.

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Belgium doubles forced deportations in first quarter of 2023 |

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